The Modius headset looks to transform weight loss via a different method. We have been taught make sure calories in are less than calories out which works for weight loss, we have been advised eat less, exercise more and good sleep.  This does not appear to be working as in Ireland and the UK, we have a population of 37% overweight and a further 23% obese. This is expected by 2030 – Ireland is set to be most obese country in Europe, WHO says. This is where Modius comes in as the reason everyone loses weight at different rates is that we all have different metabolisms which are largely predetermined by your gender and genetics.



How Modius works

Modius use electrical pulse fitted via the headset connected to a nerve behind your ear, the pulse can be adjusted to 5 different settings. The pulse stimulates nerve which positively influences brain stem to reduce cravings, decrease appetite and makes you feel fuller, quicker.



  •         Modius Headset
  •         150 pads and 100 alcohol wipes (enough for 75 Modius sessions)
  •         Charging cable and adapter
  •         Modius User Guide


Setup and use,

Download the Modius app and connect via Bluetooth to your phone.

Turn on by modius power button for 2 seconds

Pair modius with your phone


  •         Using the supplied alcohol wipes Clean at the back of the ears.
  •         Attach the gel pads
  •         Remove plastic gel pad from the cover and stick to your ear
  •         Place the headset on your head with the power button on
  •         Use for 45 minutes per day, (default timer is 60 minutes)

 Fact / Science /marketing

Modius advise users have reported


The statistics of weight gain is this country is getting unhealthier with overweight and obesity increasing. The Modius used a different approach using electrical pulse which is a real positive as the current beliefs do not appear to be working, Setup and use are easy with minimum skills required, the effort in use is minimum.

The unit does not promote exercise but if weight loss, (Eat less) can be achieved then the feel-good factor of doing exercise and sleep should follow. This has been used for a few weeks for 60 minutes on various power levels. The first observation was making you feel fuller, quicker was very noticeable, typically on finishing a dinner there is always room for more.  This has resulted in been full allot quicker, this may be a placebo effect of using the Modius but is a definite reaction to using the Modius.(Jim himself felt no change after using it) This product is not cheap as falls into the medial category but having for 45 days, risk-free. (get your money back) gives you the option to try out. If losing weight is your thing, with other options/diet not working this is an alternative approach that I have noticed worked for me in terms of makes you feel fuller, quicker.

By brendanlahert

20 years’ experience in the commercial technical industry. Interested in technology. Certified ITIL v3 Service Management, Project Management Prince 2, Six Sigma.