This camera is a first with some of the capabilities on board and for the price those capabilities are something we need to see in more home security cameras of its type and those features are the 360 rotation and AI built in which enables the camera to follow its subject anywhere in the room depending on where you place it of course but having said that it tracks you from any angle and as soon as you walk into the room you will be followed which is really cool.

There is some cameras out there today that indeed do this but with limitations and this camera beats them in some with its pan and tilt option and again you can track things from your smartphone too using the feature in the app. For the price you pay for this is its really good to see and I feel we will see more,there is others out there I have not tried yet personally but I like what I see here at this price.


Set up is simple you just need to download the app and connect to your Wi-Fi and what was nice here the camera will speak to you on the set up process which makes life easier for those who are no tech savvy In short once both connected you will point a QR code on your device at the camera and then you are good to go.


The camera can be placed anywhere in the home but this is a wired indoor camera but does not require a hub and the app is simple to use which you will see in its full in the video below and placement of the camera can be anywhere once you are near a power socket, You will require and SD card for file storage and you can access files and the camera on the go from you mobile phone and control the camera itself if you just want to check on things should you wish.


Quality itself is good this will depend to on your Wi-Fi connection like any other security camera when it comes to lag and so on which I  suffer from time to time due to the amount of connected devices I have here at home at any given time. Build quality is solid and given this is a rotating ball so to speak its not in any way loose or any rattles and it is also quite when its doing its thing moving around.

For the money you pay here this one is certainly one I would suggest looking given its features however everyone is different but the ability here with the tilt and zoom options and this also ideal for those with kids perhaps and want to keep an eye on pets too and more,Head on down to the video for a detailed look at what you can do.


 Remote Viewing Automatic Alarm 
The Mijia APP can not only view real-time video remotely, but also make two-way voice calls. When the watching home mode is turned on, the camera detects an abnormal situation and automatically records the alarm video and pushes it to the mobile phone.

– AI Humanoid Detection

After the Mijia APP has turned on the housekeeping mode, the camera detects an abnormal situation, automatically records the alarm video, and pushes the message to the phone. Combined with AI technology, the algorithm is optimized for the target, effectively reducing the invalid alarm and making the alarm more accurate.
– HD Panoramic Night Vision Enhancement
With dual motor drive, the control unit 360° horizontal rotation adjusts the angle of view, high-definition picture quality allows the picture to retain more details, noise reduction infrared night vision, even at night, can present a clear picture
– Watch Smooth And Save Space
Adopting H.265 video coding technology, the viewing is smoother under the same network conditions, and the video takes up less space.
– Smart Linkage, Security Upgrade 

With Mijia APP, you can mix with other Mijia smart products, you can customize your own personalized scene to better protect the privacy of individuals and family.

– Support Multi-person Terminal Remote Viewing 
Support mobile phone/tablet remote viewing, and share real-time pictures to family and friends at the same time. For historical video recording stored in Micro SD Card, support 1x/4x/6x double speed playback, which can be quickly searched, saving time and effort



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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