The Instax Mini Link smartphone printer is a great gadget to have in your arson and takes the idea from the Mini Li Play but just the printing element. The Mini Li Play had the ability to shoot pictures and print them off the machine there and then so in short this is just the printer as a standalone product and it is a great idea.

We can now take great images from out smartphones so why the need for a standalone camera?? In fact the Mini Li Play is my first camera then I got the Polaroid iType. OK they are not your typical DSLR but do the job but for me I have never used a camera and that applies to the majority of people today. Some have said to me why bother with a printer when you can just send the image via one phone to another which is a valid point but here is where I explained to them it is a great idea. So I asked when was the last time you handed in a camera for getting photos developed? Answer – Cant remember.. Same applies to me until recent months…

So this is like the newspaper equivalent of the app you read your new on with your smartphone it is a physical image you can hold and treasure and look at it time and time again and place it somewhere in your home or office and add to it, Again the argument crops up,sure you can add filters and so on with your app and I said  “true” but your not holding the image are you. I teased this question out on the night of the launch to see the reaction I would get and it is really a generation thing but people loved the idea that you can get your image there and then.


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The printer is easy to use and so is the app I go through the whole process in the video review below there is not much to it an no technical knowledge needed at all. You simply pair your phone to the printer and work from the app there. You have several modes and editing tools to choose from, Frame print,Collage Print,Match test,Party Print, Single Print,Video Print and Instax and within these you have settings to adjust things to your liking.

The printer also has motion sensors built in which is cool, You can tilt back and forward to zoom in and out, there is only one button on the printer that changes colour this also allows you to print the last image too but it does more than you think,Leaving the printer upright it allows you to return to home on the app saving you a few taps.

Overall this brings fun to the table given the images are small and the images come out great considering their size, I would say some would like larger images but this does a great job and the machine itself is pocket-able and comes in several colours too, it is also built well and is robust and simple to use and and ideal gift idea or just something to have yourself for special occasions and for the money you cant go wrong.

INSTAX Mini Link is available now in FUJIFIILM outlets nationwide, RRP €120.00 prices may vary by retailer. Or see









By Jim O Brien/CEO

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