Having used and still use my Pixel 3a I was excited to see the new pixel devices launched this time around and was a keen fan waiting to see what new ideas google have to offer this time around despite seeing and trying to ignore leaks and also something we never talk about here as I find it annoying and clickbait. The Pixel 4 does come with plenty on offer but the main issue I see here and what people talk about is the new camera set-up. Google has done well with just one lens over the last of their devices and now they have introduced a dual set up and people continue to moan about missing the third lens. Google has fantastic AI features and nightsight being one of them the ultrawide lens omission is not a deal breaker for me as the camera takes fantastic photos and I can live without the ultrawide lens and fair play to google for not following the narrative out there with the great lens race.

I have been using the Pixel 4 now almost a week and just like my trusty Pixel 3a it is my main device so this means very heavy usage compared to the average user out there and so far I love it, I have the Black version which has a gloss finish compared to the matt finish on the other two options though the orange one looks really well and I might just get a dbrand skin for it but we have also a stack of cases coming in for the pixel 4 so stay tuned for the usual case round ups this week sometime.

The device feels much more premium than the pixel 3a which is welcome and given I prefer the bigger screen the Pixel 3a as mentioned has been my daily driver and now the pixel 4 will replace it and I have got use to using the smaller screen although typing can be a pain sometime with big hands but I can live with it as the device works perfectly fine in any other way I would use a smartphone.


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The Pixel 4 has no notch this time around and many will like that but it does have a big forehead and a small chin but there is good reason for that forehead with all the new technology Google has put in there and one being Motion Sense.

Pixel 4 will be the first device with Soli, powering the new Motion Sense features to allow you to skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls, just by waving your hand. These capabilities are just the start, and just as Pixels get better over time, Motion Sense will evolve as well. Some will see this as a gimmick and LG tried a similar idea by waving the hand over their device and it did not work out well given they had a visual indicator on offer for now it works occasionally but I feel it is something when improved it will be something I will use more and it is great to have options to pick your phone up less.

Google Assistant has now got deeper integration which means less taps on the phone and again this is a good move,One thing with voice assistants is how deep this works and now Google have stepped things up in this department and it is welcome I like it.

Another new built in app which I really like is the built in recorder which will be handy for journalists or bloggers on the go. Pixel 4’s new Recorder app records meetings, lectures, jam sessions—anything you want to save and listen to later—and simultaneously transcribes speech and identifies sounds like music and applause. You can easily search within your recordings to quickly find a specific word or sound. All of this happens on-device. We’re starting with English for transcription and search, with more languages coming soon.

We wont bore you with the specs details as we all know them now but we do go into things some more in our video review and you can also check out the images samples and videos we have taken over the last few days and it is clear and simple the camera is once again something special on this device even from a point and shoot perspective. Full details on the pixel 4 here


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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