This product is marketed as “aims to provide innovative products that assist consumers with their daily household chores, leading to a more comfortable and enjoyable life.” The robotic vacuum cleaner looks solid, surrounded by a soft bumper with rugged wheels. The unit came with a variety of accessories; side brush, remote control, water reservoir.

Box Contains:

1x Floor cleaning robot DEEBOT OZMO 610, 1x OZMO water tank, 2x Washable and reusable microfiber cleaning cloths, 4x Side brushes, 2x Dust filter, 1x Direct suction attachment, 1x Manual, 1x Cleaning tools, 1x Charging dock.


  • Smart Cleaning Path with less missing
  • OZMO mopping system for superior cleaning
  • V-shaped main brush for more lifting
  • Selective cleaning modes for various messes
  • App Control DEEBOT, anytime, anywhere
  • Stair Safety Technology
  • Auto Start at One Touch


Noise Level: The noise level, 65 dB is too loud to have running in the same room if you are sleeping but when the unit was used downstairs during the night with the doors closed the sound was not heard.

Battery Charging:

The DM88-BYD, 3000mAH battery gives 110 minutes of run time on a full charge. This takes approx. 4 hours to fully recharge. There is the option to have the unit return to the charging dock via the remote, alternative when the units battery power gets low, DEEBOT automatically returns to its docking station, by itself. The location is memorised, and cleaning continues from where it left off. There does not appear at present an option to purchase a replacement battery (which may be required after 3 / 4 years use).

Mopping System:

The Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 610 robot vacuum has a reservoir that holds 300 milliliters of water, which is managed by a smart water pump that prevents leaks from occurring. There is small suite of sensors to ensure that the vacuum mop mode only runs on hard floors, and it keeps the microfiber mop pad from becoming saturated and subsequently ineffective. There is a smart cleaning pad with interchangeable suction inlet, allowing different floor type cleaned.

Obstacle Detection Technology / Stair Safety Technology:

The DEEBOT- 0zmo 610 can manoeuvre to conquer difficult locations between chairs / tables / stair drops with ease using multiple sensors that distinguishes the dangers. The heavy-duty wheels can climb 0.6-inch thresholds. The unit has a bumper rail with infrared anti-collision sensors to avoid obstacles. The stair safety technology has anti-drop sensors to clean around stairs without the risk of falling. This unit is low enough to clean under some sofas, which in the past had to be manually pulled out, cleaned, washed and then pushed back in place.

The Brand:

ECOVACS ROBOTICS has been around since before 2006 refocusing on research and development, design, manufacture and the sales of robotic home appliances. Their R&D team has over 100 engineers and specialists hold 345 trademarks and over 1,000 patents in China and overseas.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s warranty, this is one gripe with this unit as the build quality and design should affirm a 3-year warranty within Europe, rather than a 1 year.

Compare models:

Setup – first use.

The unit requires minimum knowledge to setup; this required a few accessories fitted to the unit (a quick start guide supplied). This unit has an auto start, one touch of a button and simple start button which allows you to instantly start the clean. Press once, then DEEBOT immediately gets to work. The unit can also be controlled via the supplied remote,

1 – Auto cleaning mode – for everyday use

2 – Spot cleaning 1-5 minutes (highly concentrated dirt)

3 – Edge cleaning mode (Clean the edges and corners in a room)

App – Programming the Robot

The Deebot can be programmed weekly to clean multiple times per day at specific times using the Ecovacs app. The Ecovacs app has got 2.5 out of 5 stars. The main reasons for dropping stars is “App invasive permissions / lack of push notification” (to tell you if the vacuum needs assistance). The app allows control of the DEEBOT, anytime, anywhere ensuring when you return from home the house has been cleaned in advance.


The maintenance on the unit is basic and requires no technical knowledge. The brushes can be removed. Removal of the reservoir, cleaning cloth, etc. are easy to remove and clean under a tap as required. The Ecovacs accessories are freely available on Amazon at reasonable prices (except the battery).

Industry Norm:

Any of the main manufacturers that currently do a SWOT analysis on the market should see this versatile technology as the key threat to their business. This technology only used for a week, leaves traditional vacuum cleaners in the dust. This technology is not a ‘should I get one or not?’ question, it’s what model I should get? You would still need a basic vacuum cleaner for stairs, cobwebs on the ceiling, dust on the skirting board, etc. (The ECOVACS ROBOTICS DEEBOT R98 would work for all areas). The features of this technology can still be done manually, while the same can be said for a dishwasher, but why waste time and energy doing work that can be automated.

This robotic vacuum cleaner is like using Sky+, satellite navigation or VR glasses for the first time – WOW. The DEEBOT- 0zmo 610 works and it’s hard to go back to traditional methods once used.

The DEEBOT- 0zmo 610 does what the marketing team states; ‘provide innovative products that assist consumers with their daily household chores, leading to a more comfortable and enjoyable life’. Does it clean as well as a traditional cleaner / mop & bucket? This works and makes life easier and unless the floors are tested with a microscope I found no issues on DEEBOT- OZMO 610 cleaning ability. This is a major thumbs up for this product and a product / technology highly recommended.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS DEEBOT OZMO 610 – Floor cleaning robot with systematic cleaning, OZMO mopping function and vacuuming in one path and App.

Price: £288.60

By brendanlahert

20 years’ experience in the commercial technical industry. Interested in technology. Certified ITIL v3 Service Management, Project Management Prince 2, Six Sigma.