The Chipolo tracker comes in several styles, Two look like a large coins with a striking colour, approx. 1.5 inches in diameter and 0.23 inches thick and the other is a credit card type style which is really convenient for wallets of all sizes, The circular ones fit on to a keyring with a normal set of keys. The units are sealed water-resistant up to IP5 standards, (not suitable to submerge in water).  The units felt strong and able to withstand a knock or two. The Chipolo models tested are all clickable, which can be heard pressing.


  • Chipolo  Smart Keyring Bluetooth
  • Water resistant Up to IP5 standards
  • Loudest 100db ring, Chipolo Card 95db
  • 15 months battery life, Chipolo card 12 months


The setup is straightforward, download the Chipolo app available for Android and iOS devices (the QR code can be scanned and download directly). Configuration is standard asking a few basic questions on the setup. Note: The App may reduce the battery performance of your phone, as it requires location and Bluetooth to be turned on.


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The Chipolo is attached to your key for example (except the chipolo card) to ensure if you lose / misplace your keys in a Bluetooth range of your phone, they can be found. If the keys are lost, using the app the Chipolo  the unit can ring with a sound. Alternatively, if you lose your phone, you can press the Chipolo  to have your phone ring (within Bluetooth range). If your keys are lost outside of Bluetooth range they can be found via the Lost & Found Chipolo Community.

They can search for your belongings through the anonymous Lost & Found network. The unit can be marked as lost, (via the Chipolo app) which sends anonymous signal to the community. When one of the Chipolo community members passes by your lost item, their phone will record your lost Chipolo’s new location. An anonymous notification of your Chipolo’s new location is sent to the Chipolo app on your phone and to your email.


Warranty: 12 Months

Battery & Support: renewable programme available..

The battery lifetime is 1 year – 15 months which is not replaceable while Chipolo offer discounted renewal program to replace the Chipolo. In the event your Chipolo battery is dead / lost etc, the Chipolo Support follow up to ensure this is communicated to you, which is a real positive.


Hello TechBuzz,

Your Chipolo Application has been offline for the past 48 hours, therefore the last known location of your belongings cannot update. If you did this on purpose, please ignore this e-mail.

Please note that in case of lost valuables we won’t be able to help you find them

To fix this, please make sure that your Chipolo Application is running and that your phone is online. Take a look at our knowledge base and/or contact our support for more information. We are online 24/7 to help.

If you don’t want to receive e-mails about your Chipolo Application status, please contact us via support and we will turn them off for you.

Best regards,

Chipolo Support


Community cover parts of Europe

Product range:

If you have a habit of losing your keys, wallet handbag or other personal valuables then the cost of this item is minimal as compared to the hassle to replace personal items.

Check out the offer from Chipolo HERE 

1 pack 25 Euro

4 pack 75 Euro + free shipping

Additional images and reporting by Jim.

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