The first impression is the retro look and feel of the unit with its foldable bellows design, with a lot of the features you would expect on a traditional camera. WOW. The analogue takes Instax Square Film. The unit folds up when not in use and is the first Analogue dual format glass-lens automatic instant camera. This camera caught the attention of the younger generation which are used to everything now!


Package includes:

  • Lomo’Instant Square Camera Black
  • Remote control shutter release
  • Four colour Gel Flash Filters
  • Paper frames to display your instant photos
  • Magnet stickers to display your instant photos
  • Glue dots to stick your instant pictures
  • Photo clips to build structures out of your instant snaps



  • Square Format
    Works with Fujifilm Instax Square Film to give you a perfectly balanced frame with a scale of 1:1 — the iconic format that made instant photography what it is today. It dares you to make your subject the centre of the universe, and leaves plenty of space for creative composition.
  • Auto Mode
    Automatically adjusts shutter speed, aperture and flash output; and makes sure that your shots are perfectly exposed — no matter where you’re exploring or what you’re discovering.
  • Foldable Bellows Design
    Looks super cool and lets you reduce the Lomo’Instant Square to a third of its size.
  • Self-Timer
    Gives you time to run, jump, grab your best friend and strike a pose.
  • Remote Control Shutter Release
    Snaps your shutter from afar so that you can focus on diving into the good madness.
  • Multiple Exposure Mode
    Lets you layer up the loco by exposing one frame as many times as you like.
  • Long Exposure Mode
    Keeps your shutter open for as long as 30 seconds so that you can unleash your creativity in crazy light paintings.
  • Exposure Compensation:
    Lightens or darkens your frame so that you can be master of your own destiny.
  • Built-In Flash & Flash Off Mode
    Lets you decide just how much light you want to shine on your shenanigans.
  • Colour Gel Flash Filters
    Slide over your flash to tint your squares a whole new colour — everything you need to ride the rainbow!
  • Extras
    Photo clips, photo stands, glue dots and magnet stickers to display your super square frames.
  • Shooting Tip Cards
    25 ways to keep the inspiration rolling. Give them a try and then see what else you can come up with!



These are the only minor gripes with this camera. The camera comes with no batteries for the remote  CR2025 (3V) like your car key fob battery, or the main unit which requires 2 x CR2 batteries (6V), these are not standard batteries and not available in local supermarkets. The accessories supplied, remote & filters have the potential to get lost as the camera is not supplied with a carry case or strap. These would be the first recommendation to consider a case and strap to protect the camera and avoid the rain.


Observations of uses:

The Lomo’Instant Square is more about learning to take good quality well planned photos. The kit supplied came with an instruction book which allows you to read the manual & cross reference the number to the camera. There are many instruction manuals supplied with products which are never read. This manual should be read including the tips to get the most out of the camera. The Learn instant cards supplied give you the option to look at a photo and use the same setting as used by the professional. This is a great option to learn new techniques for photos.

The accessories filters are supplied gives a new dimension to the photo but after trail and error, these work best in a dark environment. The zoom option, normal, infinity closeup works, but you can’t tell from the viewfinder the settings, rather look at the setting on the front. The flash can be turned off & on as required (this is not available in many budget instant cameras)

The light on the side of the camera gave a clear visually indication how much paper was left which is handy to be aware of when you need to change paper. The paper comes in packs of 10 sheets.  Printing to develop the picture can take 10 / 15 minutes to develop, this is a great time to, watch and see how the photo is coming out.

There is a variety of features which are handy and unexpected on a retro style unit, the remote control, auto power off after 5 minutes use, tripod option, flash option and timer option.


The 25 tips for taking photo are great, you look at a picture on a card, if taking a similar picture, this advised what setting are required to get maximum results. This is a great way to learn & experiment with the camera. The innovation with the option to stick all the photo together with a plastic frame gave an enchanting collage collection.


Photo quality:

The quality of the photo does not do justice to them from the attached photos taken with a digital camera. The photos come out, a fades colour in a positive way. They stand out from your traditional photo.



The use of this camera encapsulates the priorities of the artistic nature of the end image art. This has the flamboyance over the precedence of practicality and the attention to the details often forgotten by the trend to snap everything inside without viewing the full pictures. The Nostalgic style gave the impression of minimum functionality but was packed with a punch of abundant features.

This is not a child toy, expensive and takes a knack / hang of to get used to it, there is no speed photo as done with your smart phone rather the photo takes consideration and an eye for ascetic appreciation of the images.  The unit while not inexpensive would not be the main decision-making choice for the camera while the paper adds additional cost to the use on the camera.

There is ample artistic features, modes, and controls for practical use. This is a feature rich camera, analogue compact camera with a nostalgic feel that has a wow factor with people asking you about it. The retro style will not suite all, but if you’re into something different with a keen eye for photography this will allow you to catch the mood and visual characteristics, and your friends imagination.      €199.00

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