Traditional digital cordless phones have come along way from their introduction while often lag Smartphones in technology. The BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker has one feature that surpasses the smartphone straight from the box.  The TrueCall call blocking technology allows blocking of nuisance calls with one button.

The unit looks modern with a glossy black design which is comfortable to hold. The buttons are large and easily viewed or pressed. The handset sits snuggly into the base set or can stand upright on the table.


Note: The unit comes with a BT Telephone cord, but an Ireland adapter or cord are easily purchased inexpensively.

Main Features:

  • Block up to 100% of Nuisance Calls
  • Block up to 1000 numbers or block calls by type
  • Customisable Call Guardian settings giving complete flexibility
  • Incorporates award winning truCall blocking technology
  • 200 Name & Number directories
  • Auto copy contacts between handsets
  • 1.8” Colour Screen
  • Hands free speaker
  • Record up to 60 minutes of messages
  • Easy guided set up
  • Outgoing call controls (PIN protect calls to premium / mobile numbers)
  • Backlit keypad for easy dialling even in poor light
  • See who’s calling before you pick up
  • Long range reception up to 300m outdoors, 50m indoors
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Up to 21 hours of talking and 240 hours on standby
  • See who’s left you messages
  • Easy access to BT calling features (3 way calling, call divert)
  • See and hear if you have a second call waiting

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Setup / Warranty / Support:

The BT 8500 hardware setup is uncomplicated; plug in the base, switch on the handset for the first time, then a series of on-screen prompts guide you through the setup process. There was the option to skip some steps and return later. The BT quick start guide gave clear concise instructions on the use of this product.  The unit comes with a one-year warranty (which is disappointing for a quality product) with UK support via freephone number 0800 145 6789, there is also email support.

Call blocker:

The BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker used TrueCall, if the contact numbers are not stored in the phonebook it will ask the caller to leave a message with their details saying who they are. The phone alerts you to the caller and their message (the caller is put on hold). The call can be accepted with the option to store as a confirmed friendly number, thus ringing as normal in the future.  This feature can confuse friends and family initially, I would recommend storing as many contact numbers in your phone initially to prevent friends and family having to state their name on the phone. Alternatively, you can request the caller’s details blocked permanently or the option to advise the caller you are not available. Unsolicited caller numbers can easily be blocked with over 1000 numbers.

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You have the option to:

  • Block by Number
  • Block by call type, for example, mobile, international, withheld, unavailable or

payphone numbers can all be blocked.

  • Do Not Disturb

A nice feature in the phone is, when a call starts ringing, you can block it straight away by pressing Block on the screen. That number will then be added to your blocked list. These features can be switched on / off as required.

Note: Caller ID is required to use the call blocker option.


Text messaging:

Text messaging must be a feature available on your phone to send and receive text messages, text messages are not available in Ireland.

 If choosing an option, the twin set is ideal leaving one handset in the kitchen and one in the bedroom, allowing the freedom to take calls from either or use as an intercom.  This model can be got as a single, twin, trio or quad packs should you need additional handsets for other rooms. There is no additional wiring required for the additional handsets and you can save up to 200 contacts which can be auto transferred to the other handsets.


The phone menu structure is straightforward, accessing the menu allows features to be turned off or on as required. The phone has all the features you would expect and more. A list of who’s called (up to 50 incoming and 30 outgoing calls), answer machine, option to hear who’s calling you before you answer, choose how many rings you want before the machine picks up, hands-free speaker and speed dial.

The phone has excellent call quality, a 1.8 inch full-graphic seven-line easy-to-read colour screen with a backlit keypad to see the keys at any time of day. If you’re plagued with countless of cold calls, then this phone is certainly a phone to be considered. Once you become familiar with the call blocking options, it’s hard to go back to a traditional phone.

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