CCTV security DIY style. The BT Smart Home Cam 100 comes packed with a camera & charger and instructions. The BT history of products includes a very clear pictures & instructions of the setup. The manual or pull out instructions are easy to use, simple but effective to set up. The Home Cam 100 has an all-black body small enough not to look out of place in a home / office with the option to wall mount vertically with screw holes in the base with a ball joint to allow movement. The Home Cam 100 may look inconspicuous during the day but clearly visible in the dark with the Night vision IR Led clearly visible.



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  • Smart Home Cam 100
  • Power Adaptor  
  • User Guide

Weights and dimensions Camera:

  • 146g, 14.2(H) x 6.82(W) x 8.13(D) cm Power supply: 95.5g, 6.7(L) x 4.95(W) x 6.48(H) cm

Camera spec:

  • Focal length: 3mm, F2.0, digital focusing • Sensor: 3Mp 1/3-Inch CMOS digital image sensor
  • Viewing Angle: Horizontal 78 degrees, Vertical 45 degrees, Diagonal: 90 degrees

Key features:

  • HD quality video
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Push notification when motion detected
  • Record clips to your Android device
  • Easy 3 step set-ups
  • Auto-login
  • Safe and secure
  • Premium plans to automatically record images and video when you’re not there


The BT Smart Home Cam 100 has no built-in storage, SD card or memory card reader, there is an option to automatically record video clips to the cloud when motion is detected. This requires a premium subscription that costs £6.99 for 30 days. If you use your phone / tablet to view or record motion there is no subscription required, when stored on your phone / tablet. You have the option via the app to click and save an image or video to your device.


Video image quality:

Supported resolutions: 720P, VGA 640×360 and QVGA 320×180 • Supported frame rates: Up to 10fps for 720P, 30fps for VGA 640×360 and QVGA 320×180 • Video encoding: H.264 • Multiple independent video streams (i.e. two different resolution / frame rate)


Hacked / tampered:

There is little chance of been hacked with the security options Security / Wireless connection Standards: Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n • Security: WEP / WPA / WPA2 • Operating channels: 2.4GHz Ch. 1-13


This is a let down from a major brand that is recognised for its quality and support with a 1 Manufacturer Warranty.


A comprehensive support is available via FAQ on the website / app or on the phone via

0808 1000225



The setup is straightforward but are required to follow the instructions step by step. This involves downloading The BT Home Cam app, (but do not open the app) connect the wi-fi to the camera.  Then the app is enabled which connects to the camera, setting up an account with your user name, email password.  There are no technical skills required for this but does require the clear instructions followed. In the event of an error / mistake there is a reset button on the camera which is great to see.

The BT Smart Home Cam 100 works via wi-fi. There is no wiring the camera to your router, no CD, laptop required for the setup. When the camera is setup within range of your router’s wi-fi signal you can place it anywhere within your premises. If the unit required to be placed a further distance, there is a wi-fi extenders options available while the latency may increase.

Once setup is complete you flip the switch on the back of the camera to ‘Network’ so it will connect to your router and be accessible through the app. A pair of indicator LEDs show the camera’s status, such as when it’s establishing a wireless connection.

Login via  or via phone  the app.


The app:

The BT Home Cam app is free to download with 3 out of 5 recommend from 90 reviews listed as 5,000 – 10,000 installs. The BT Home Cam app can be used with iOS or Android to manage your camera and video settings remotely. This can be setup to invite family / friends to access your video stream in case you can’t access the system.  The App can link several cameras from a location / multiple location.  Alerts are sent to your phone / tablet if motion is detected, these events can be viewed or stored as required on your device.


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Picture Quality:

There is no minimum connection speed advised on the documentation, noting you are using the upload wi-fi speed not the download speed for the connection. The video quality depends on the bandwidth of your connection, especially when using over a mobile network. The camera will usually auto-adjust to the optimum bandwidth, if using from a poor 4G signal area you may have to lower resolution or lower frame rate, by changing your camera settings.

The Quality as stated may have quality issues when viewed on a 46’’ screen but viewed on your standard smartphone / tablet, this will not show up any quality issues. Night time viewing using the Night vision IR LED of 4pcs, 850nm resulted in an ordinary picture especially in a dark room. Their can be a latency when externally checking the camera remotely using the same wi-fi within the same premises is minimal.

Motion detection:

The camera set up as has motion detection setup which is designed to trigger on any movement, this sends an alert to your phone to view the recording. This is ideal is leaving your home/ office unattended.

This unit is not a professional type CCTV system and does not allow the more advanced features in terms of motion-detection zones, blocking out specific area, but has the motion-detection which acts like trip wires, so motion is detected when someone crosses the borders of a camera view. There is minimal setup required using the local Wi-Fi, with no cable runs nor technical skills required. The quality of the video day & night is sufficient to capture movement in a room bright or dark. The storage options ensure should the camera become damaged / tampered with, the storage is secure off site on the cloud or your device. This is a great option to give peace of mind for security in your home / office without breaking the bank.  


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