First look at Virtuali-Tee #AR #VR #Eductaion #Curiscope

VR/AR has kind of nosedived the last year and hopefully this will turn around and I am a huge fan with lots of headsets an testing apps quite often. One great use of VR /AR which is now getting some attention is in education which is useful and also fun and for kids its really a good way of learning rather than looking at boring pictures in a book or again drawings on the blackboard,this kind of technolology puts it in your face and I find it has a longer lasting effect which is much better..


Two recent things for example in this area is INVIVO and VEATIVE which I have tried and tested and continue to test with VEATIVE which is edcuational VR for the classroom.. This new product from Curiscope is a simple genuis idea and can be shared via Airplay and Chromecast to the masses and its cost effective too and I have started testing it out with my child here and she loves the idea and not only does it use AR it can work with VR headsets. Check it out below and if there is any questions in the interim drop us a note below or get us on social.  You can also follow the guys below on the links provided..

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