I own some 200 Nokia handsets and continue to collect them,All that alongside accessories and clothing and so on but one thing I have been wanting for so many years is a watch with the Nokia name on it.. That 17 year wait has come to an end today and I am happy to finally own the one thing I have longed for and a huge thanks to the guys involved at Nokia who made this happen..

Package contents.

Instructions – Watch – Reset key.

Now we all know that this is formerly Withings and Nokia have bought that company but things have changed I always did like the Withings watch but never bought one but when I heard the news Nokia would be soon there I said I would wait,the wait is over, Check out the retail packaging and the unboxing and if you have any questions fire away until we finish reviewing it…

I have been asked this question several times via social media about the actual Nokia logo… Shoud they have used their own as seen on the box,ie the typeface we are all use to or is the current one ok. Tell us what you think and will you be picking one up..

You can of course just pick it up directly HERE 


Activity tracking: steps, distance, swim (water resistant to 5 ATM), running and calories burned.

– Sleep monitoring: sleep cycle analysis (light and deep sleep) and silent alarm.

– Automatic synchronization: Follow your data on your smartphone.

– Stainless steel case with silicone strap.

– No charging: battery lasts up to 8 months.


First thoughts are it is small for my wrist but thats just me,its light,thin the strap feels good and robust, again for me on the thin side compared to my usual watch wear and it looks very modern and sleek.Set up is simple which requires and app (Nokia Health) There is no buttons which is a big change though if you are not use to smartwatches they are touch, With this you do not touch the watch at all and nor do you have to charge it which for me is a bonus, It works on a battery similar to whats found in your car alarm fob.. So far so good so lets put it to the test…


Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO in the transport industry, mobile tech fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia/Microsoft VIP, HTC Specialist, Multiple forum supporter with worldwide top rankings, I also work in the background in the mobile technology sector, weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show and Cavan TV.Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger.Part time actor and security professional and brutally honest when it comes to opinions.

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