There is an assumption in today’s society that your attractiveness and sex life is at a peak in your twenties, yet for women, when it comes to having the best orgasm, feeling most attractive and having the most enjoyable sex, it gets better with age: 36-years-old and above to be precise, according to a new study by Natural Cycles, the world’s first, and only, app to be certified as a contraception which is used by over 250,000 women in 161 countries.


Over 2,618 women were surveyed using the standardised McCoy Female Sexuality Questionnaire (MFSQ) methodology, which measures female sexuality on a range of categories including Satisfaction (frequency of intercourse, satisfaction of partner), Attraction (self-perceived and in the eyes of the partner) and Orgasm (frequency and enjoyment). The survey unveiled interesting patterns of sexual behaviour among three distinct age groups: younger (below 23), middle (23-36) and older (36 and over) – and the results showed that orgasm, attractiveness and most enjoyable sex gets better with age and peaks at the age of 36-years and above.


Top 10 female celebrities, 36-years and older, considered to be in their prime


Kate Moss

Victoria Beckham

Kelly Brook

Elizabeth Hurley

Holly Willoughby

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Winslet

Nigella Lawson

Helen Mirren

Carol Vorderman


When questioned about sexual attractiveness, the older age group were the most confident in their skin8 out of 10 women 36-years and older said they felt attractive whereas only 4 out of 10 women 23-36-years old felt attractive and 7 out of 10 women aged 23-years and under felt attractive.


Whilst the younger age group felt sexy and attractive, they scored the lowest when quizzed about how often they orgasm. The majority of women in the older age group (nearly six out of 10 older women) reported having more and better orgasms, compared to 5.4 out of ten in the middle group and out of ten of younger women.


Women in the older age group are also having the most enjoyable sex with 86 per cent of them saying they had enjoyable intercourse over the last four weeks compared with 76 per cent in the middle age group and 56 per cent in the youngest women surveyed.


When it comes to the ideal length of time sex should last, the reality does not always match expectation. In fact, 31 per cent of women surveyed felt sex should last longer than what they currently have whilst 12 per cent felt that sex should be shorter than they currently have.


When questioned about the frequency of sex women have, just under a third had sex twice per week, over one fifth had sex three times per week, and under one-fifth had sex once per week.


And the majority of women felt that monogamy was key to a happier sex life. In the survey, 81 per cent of women said they can have a great long lasting sex life with the same person.


Amanda Bonnier, Brand Manager at Natural Cycles, said: “The results of the survey send out a really positive message about something us women have known and expected for some time; as you get older and get to know your body better, you can have a more enjoyable sex life and feel confident about yourself, particularly if you’re in a monogamous relationship. It’s encouraging that there doesn’t appear to be a stigma attached to being older and enjoying the best sex of your life.”  


Natural Cycles app has over 250,000 users in 161 countries and is available to download on

Natural Cycles, the App Store for iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad, and Google Play Store.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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