The Low Carb Program from award-winning diabetes community is now free to download on both mobile and tablet. Over 200,000 people have already joined the program, all wanting to take their first steps towards type 2 diabetes remission. This community includes success stories such as Mark who lost 50kg and Stella who lost 35kg. On average, weight loss is 7kg per person who completes the program – with some people losing 10% of their body weight in just over 10 weeks!

An analysis of results from the Low Carb Progam have been impressive:
74% of people who have completed the 10-week program have seen an improvement in blood glucose levels
78% are motivated to maintain the changes they have made
59% have an improved outlook on life
96% of people would recommend the program
65% of users who completed the program reported that their HbA1c has improved
This is further supported with 66% of people stating their blood glucose levels after meals has improved, 64% stating their fasting blood glucose levels have improved.

The ten-week Low Carb Program allows access to a whole world of low carb information that will help turn your life and health around. It is based on achievable, sustainable lifestyle changes that improve health and includes video lessons, daily updated content and the opportunity to ask questions to 200,000 others. This is experience-led lifestyle, rather than a quick fix ‘diet’ and offers support, tips, and downloads guiding users through as they make gradual steps to improving their health, losing weight and in some cases coming off medication altogether (on signing up, people are taking on average 2 medications, on finishing the program 1 in 5 people come off medication altogether). was the first ever global digital community for diabetes. Medical evidence continues to grow that type 2 diabetes can be placed into remission through diet and lifestyle changes. Dr David Unwin, a Southport based GP discovered the diabetes forum a few years ago after and has since published evidence of low-carb diet benefits in his BMJ paper entitled Low carbohydrate diet to achieve weight loss and improve HbA1c in type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes: experience from one general practice.  It has been reported that Dr Unwin saves his practice approximately £40,000 a year on drugs for diabetes as a result of his low carbohydrate pilot study.

Arjun Panesar, co-founder and CEO of the UK’s largest and fastest growing diabetes patient forum said ‘The results from our Low Carb Program have been impressive and this a solution that is clearly working for people with type 2 diabetes. We’re documenting the preliminary results with healthcare savings. Once that has been created, we intend to share this with PHE/Diabetes UK for them to review the guidelines.’

Features of the Program include a constantly updated Lifestyle magazine to keep you up to date and give you handy recipes, Simple ‘Action Points’ at the end of each lesson so you know exactly how to progress and the opportunity to track your progress and personalise your profile.
The week-by-week modules are as follows:
Week 1 – Introduction
Week 2 – Type 2 and Diet
Week 3 – Eating Fewer Carbs
Week 4 – Real vs Processed Foods
Week 5 – Healthy and Unhealthy Fats
Week 6 – Vegetables
Week 7 – Portion Sizes
Week 8 – Snacks and Desserts
Week 9 – Reducing Carbs Further

Case studies

“My HBA1C reduced from 77, to 55 after 3 months and 33 now after 6 months. As a result I eased off
3 x 500mg of metformin a day to now no medication.”
– Peter

‘I’ve always struggled with knowing what to eat. The low carb program has helped so much. The course modules are supported by hundreds of recipe ideas which made applying my learning nice and simple. My family liked the recipes too!’
Jack – 6 years with type 2 diabetes

‘I thought some of the questions I was asking sounded really stupid but I got answers really quickly and love how it feels like a community who are working together. This should be on the NHS’
Sohan – 2 years with prediabetes


The App

The NEW updated Low Carb Program by has just been launched and is available as a free app for both Android and iOS.
The Program was originally launched in 2015 as the first ever online structured 10-week Low Carb Program offering free diet and lifestyle education to people diagnosed and living with type 2 diabetes.

So far 201,403 people have downloaded the Program which shows people how to lose weight, reduce their HbA1c, become active and in some cases reverse type 2 diabetes..


The Low Carb Program app is a simple, practical and free way for people to monitor their low-carb journey and allows users to have access to the Progam at any time, in any place. Use the app to learn how to eat low carb; browse thousands of recipes and meal plans, track your progress, stay up to date and find support in a network of more than 201,403 people, all pooling their knowledge and experience to help you get on the right track, including people like Mark who lost 50kg, and Stella who lost 35kg.

The app is totally customisable and you can personalise the way you use it in the apps settings. You can rearrange the items you are keeping track of and put what you think is most important at the top of your dashboard, whether that’s your blood glucose level, your weight or how much sleep you got the night before.


The app aims to help those beginning their low-carb lifestyle to stick to their new diet and monitor their progress along the way. It encourages you to track measurements and allows you to see the interaction between different areas of your health and wellbeing giving you more information at your fingertips and more control of your new healthy lifestyle.
With the Low Carb Program you are never alone! You have the support of 201,403 other patients who are going through the same journey as you are. By making small changes each week you can revolutionise the way you handle your diabetes and in turn your life. The Low Carb Program is a maintainable lifestyle change, not a fad diet and is available to everyone around the world providing equal healthcare for all.
On average, people who complete the Low Carb Program reduce their HbA1c by an average of 1.1%, significantly reducing their risks of complications including blindness and amputation. 30% of those who complete the program come off at least one of their medications and on average, weight loss is 7.7kg and people lose 10% of their body weight!
LEARN LOW CARB: Learn the ins and outs of a low-carb lifestyle and how it helps manage diabetes and reduce risks of complications. With a few easy steps per week, it is possible to revolutionise an entire lifestyle!

APPLY LOW CARB: Action Points at the end of lessons make sure you know exactly how to progress.

LOW CARB SUPPORT: Ask your low-carb questions to a community of over 201,403 people, all on the same journey. Share support, ideas, recipes and motivation. Think of it like an extended low-carb family.

MAKE LOW CARB A LIFESTYLE: A constantly evolving, ever expanding, online magazine, Lifestyle is updated every day and helps you maintain your low-carb lifestyle by keeping you up to date with the latest low-carb news, exclusive interviews, recipes, meal plans, low-carb research and success stories.

ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS: Choose your own goals and apply what you learn in the program. It’s all about small steps, in your own time – fitting it around your personal, social and family life. Thousands of people have placed type 2 diabetes into remission with the Low Carb Program. It’s all about the right mindset and practice.

Additional info..

⦁ Not to be confused with the charity Diabetes UK, is the world’s largest and fastest-growing community website and forum for people living with diabetes.
⦁ With over 3million unique visitors per month and a diabetes support community of over 500,000 members this award-winning website has proven to positively influence health outcomes.
⦁ Winners of ‘Positive Social Impact Award’ Lloyds Bank National Business Awards 2016
⦁ Winners of ‘Best Use of Social Media in a Healthcare Campaign’ EHI Awards 2015
⦁ An online community where people with diabetes can get support, advice and practical information first hand ⦁

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