This is the second installment from the Irish company and we have spend a few days testing it out.. It does what it says on the tin..

First up its much cheaper than the previous offering which will suit more peoples pockets and again its trimmed down from the bulky version so we are off to a good start and once again presentation is excellent which is an important factor on any prodcut in my opinion.So lets check out the contents and how its presented first..


Inside of course is our Micro USB to USB cable for charging and a handy booklet that will guide you on setting up the device which takes a few minutes and once this is sdone its easy from here on in.. Check out the unboxing below for more details on the watch as we take a walk around the device itself….



There is some dofferences between new and old and all for the better which is highlighted below…


  • Location data is sent every 1 minute instead of every 20 minutes which along with its location algorithm, improves the location and the Geo-fencing.
  • The watch has a sim card slot on the side. It would be supplied with a sim card fitted but the customers have the option to use their own sim.
  • It is slim at only 13mm so fits better under a shirt sleeve and looks more like an ordinary digital watch.
  • The strap is longer, which is better to also suit elderly wearers.
  • Multi repeat alarms in the app will allow for setting several watch alarms per day for reminders for elderly to take medicine and other similar uses.
  • There are also additional features such as silent mode for during school hours, remotely power on and off, voice messaging, shake 2 watches together for kids to share voice message contacts, allowing kids to send voice messages to each other.



You will need to firstly charge up the unit,download the app then register this is simple and take little time so ensure all this has been completed there is an app for both Android and iOS Platforms so anyone sporting other devices such as Windows Phone can turn away right now and due to the market share its completly understandable…


The app itself is simple to navigate through with a simple UI with the abilitiy to leave messages, track your childs movements set geofence parametres its got all you need should something happen and the from the childs side of things its a simple press to call the important contact required if there is a time in need, Quality on voice is also excellent from the device as my child had quite alot of fun ringing me and showing off to her freinds in school and parents and teachers alike where impressed on how simple this works and how the watch is more on the discreet side not shouting out that it is more than just a timepiece..



The watch for me has two geofence parametres set one for home and school and one for a releation where she would often stay with so i based my judgement on these settings all worked fine and anytime something went wrong ie,going outside a set zone I was notifed The ability to leave your child a message is also excellent but fear not about the constant calls from your child as over time the novelty will wear off,but my child still loves it and feels secure with it and I feel secure with her having it on,The only caveat here though is another item to charge in the house as for me personally I have lots of devices on charge all day and plugs are taken up everywhere but it just me and because of What I do for living.




There is however a cost obviously to have the watch run due to having data and calls however this is not an expensive price to pay if it gives you the added protection for your child looking at the costs its nothing really and somethng I would not gripe about even though you would need to sign up a new contract which in fairness is not alot these days and for the needs of this watch Our Watch came with a Spanish Sim but you can use your own if like or buy a prepay sim,these needs will vary by person bit again as mentioned its not much to consider…

Going forward I think their next model should be touch based and perhaps two sizes available kids just like adults come in all shapes and sizes and in my own case and like several others in her class she is on the small size,other than that this is an excellent product well thought out. Battery life though varies an it does need to be charged daily which is annoying but so does most smartwatches today. There is also good technical support should you run into issues with these guys so thats a big bonus rather than fend for yourself….

The product is not only specific for kids this is also a fantastic idea for eldelry people to have so keeo that in mind. If you have any questions about this feel free to ask ….

Note.. You can buy a sim direct from the company or get your own either is at an additonal cost to the owner.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.