This YubiKey 4 Nano looks like a memory stick, this is a device that has a second factor of security for your logins, beyond a username and password. (two-factor authentication service,) Security keys are part of an extra security feature called two-factor authentication.

The unit has no batteries, no moving parts, fits on your keychain and plugs into USB on your Laptop.  The manufactures advised its Crush-resistant and waterproof, YubiKey 4 Nano is practically indestructible during normal use – I have read it has survived washing machines (while not tested for this review)  

Dimensions 4 Nano -12mm x 13mm x 3.1mm, 1g and fits snugly inside the USB port


This will not stop the current ransomware that has affected worldwide computers which is typically packaged with installation files masquerading as official software updates.   This is a  secure way for individuals, businesses, and developers to secure their accounts and logins. A single key can protect Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and server logins, plus Gmail, G Suite and Google Cloud, YouTube, Facebook Dropbox, GitHub, and Salesforce accounts, plus much more. Setting up to your accounts requires Accessing the account, e.g.  Facebook, you are required to enable two-factor authentication service, there is a link  which has clear instructions to setup.


How does it work to prevent Passwords being hacked?

Go to: Plug the YubiKey 4 Nano into your USB slot.



Configure as per below for each of your accounts, The YubiKey 4 Nano, can be setup with dropbox, Facebook etc.

If you use a second one for a colleague it can be set up quickly once you are get used to the setup. This setup has only to be done only once.



Plug the YubiKey 4 Nano in every time you want to log into your account

You can use Remember me on your private PC but in an office / library / Friend’s PC you use the key to gain access to your account.

There is also a one time or an app on your phone to generate this access code

Once set up, this works instantly with no need to re-type passcodes — replacing SMS texts, authenticator apps, RSA tokens, and similar devices


From the start,

Clicking on the appropriate application gives clear instructions to set up.  The first setup may take a little time, but once familiar on the terminology the setup  become easier, but must be done for each account if you want to enable the two-factor authentication. (which is highly recommended if using the product for all your accounts)



Some of the functions

  • Secure Static Passwords
  • Yubico OTP
  • OATH – HOTP (Event)
  • OATH – TOTP (Time)
  • PIV-Compliant Smart Card
  • OpenPGP
  • FIDO U2F (Universal Second Factor)
  • Secure Element

Other YubiKey options include – YubiKey 4, YubiKey 4C, YubiKey NEO, FIDO U2F Security Key,




Is the product worth it?

Thousands of WordPress Sites Hacked Using Recently Disclosed Vulnerability,Thousands of Hacked Home Routers are Attacking WordPress Sites.

Some hacked sites in 2016

Apple Health Medicaid

Central Coast Credit Union

Commission on Elections

Cox Communications

Democratic National Committee

Department of Homeland Security

Sony Pictures 2014, Supervalu 2014, Apple 2013, Yahoo 2014, Mozilla 2014, Gmail 2014, eBay 2014, Hilton Hotels 2015   and the list continues!  Does this answer the question?



Will this product guarantee that you will not be hacked, I doubt it! but will it make the task of hacking your private / business information thousands of times more difficult than if you did not have this, this is like 2 cars side by side with the same specification, one has the top of the range alarm, the other does not, which one will be hacked!  A slight concern due the size of the YubiKey 4 Nano there is a potential to lose, while they are options available should this happen.



You are seeing strange posts ‘made by you’ in your social feeds. Or maybe your ‘Friends’ are receiving inappropriate messages, allegedly from you.

Your friends are reporting receiving strange spam or emails from you. You could have been hacked!

Adopting a ‘Think before you Click’ mentality is the most valuable action you can take where you consider each email attachment or URL link and the sender it came from before potentially launching some malware on your Laptop / network

If you feel that your Windows PC may have been hijacked, you should disconnect from the Internet and boot into Safe Mode and run a full deep scan of your antivirus software. If your security software has been disabled, use a good on-demand antivirus scanner. and run it from an external disk or USB.


A great positive on this product, you purchase once with no annual subscription fee each year as you get with e.g. most antivirus. This is not a replacement for good up to date antivirus.   If your considering two-factor authentication / preventing hacks certainly worth a look at YubiKey 4 Nano. £48.50

By brendanlahert

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