SCAPLERS – CEX now command €295 for the #NES. #CEX #Gaming

The thieving you know whats are at it again…Thats CEX.. They BUY for €100 and sell for €295

CEX a few months ago came under the spotlight for fleecing customers who wanted to purchase the NES they commanded a silly price for it which back then was  €190 

The NES Mini list price was approx €65  and up until yesterday they where charging between €135/€165 because I have been watching. However last night it was announced that the console would be no longer made for now in North America at least…



Now CEX have once again hopped on the gravy train and want to scalp people right over for this much loved piece of kit and its become very annoying for people who have waited so long for it not to get hold of it,Most people have got pissed off with Nintendo and have looked for another form the machine which also has been now discontinued the Famicon Classic edition..

So here is what CEX have to offer. Just ignore it and dont even think of paying this much for it…


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