There might be a bit of a Nintendo NES buzz, but @Cex takes this piss with its prices. #NES

Over the last few weeks we have seen folk hunting down the latest retro machine which cost just about 70 euros give or take the few quid taken off from several retailers it even went down to 64.99 if I recall at Argos. Not only that we have seen prices on local selling sites with whom we are all familiar with here in Ireland.. Many folk took to the comments section to tell these vultures where to go my self included. There is simply no justification for this price and I even have to laugh at what they offer people so they can capitalise on their sale which in general is how they operate, Understandably they have to make money but when you check out some of their prices in general it leaves alot to be desired and one thing is for sure I will never set foot inside one of their shops..

Lets take a look at what CEX have on offer and just leave it right there,tell us what you think.. For me,they are greedy you know what. In fact these have been trickling in to some stores such as smyths toys over the last few weeks and will continue to do so, So dont even attempt to pay these people this much for it and wait a bit. Having said that Nintendo themselves are partly to blame trying to keep the name alive until their Switch console comes out. The NES actually went LIVE today on their UK site and sold out quick so just keep checking for availability folks..





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