The HP Elite x3 now costs €958 Have they lost the plot? #HP #Windows10 #EliteX3

The HP Elite x3 launched here some months ago but only online. No network will touch this device for multiple reasons being A the price and B its running on a dying OS. You could probably included the demographic here too considered the devices intended market. We all knew that the Windows Phone platform has had it rough and even with Windows 10 things are not improving even with universal apps. Market share also is basically a handful of users compared to its rival operating systems. As a Windows Phone user I say this with regret but lets face it who in their right mind would pay that for such a phone..You can of course if you decide to buy it check out UK pricing which is not much better and still way overpriced  





The Device is nice in fairness with a sturdy build but thats probably all it has going for it and you can if you want to drag out the excuse you can claim your VAT back will cost you €799 but this price still is just making an already hard sell even harder. We are talking iPhone prices here again something that is typically overpriced Disagree?? Tell us why…

Update.26/01/2017. It’s gone up again.. 




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