Weeks back we saw the  Instagram team announcing the global availability of its “Live Story” feature.

Originally available only in certain countries, the app is pretty much becoming a mix between Snapchat, Vine and Periscope.

The original IG Story became one of the more popular parts of the app by getting the lovely number of more than 150 million users DAILY. And now the company just want to expand the market.

You will find the option by swiping from the app and selecting “Start live video”, according to the company this way popular Instagrammers and followers can be more connected and interact with each other.

There’s a “Top Live” options to explore new and popular users, so heavy and not so heavy users can find new content, which won’t be available after the live event is finish.

Try to keep in mind that the option can now be found on every platform , so if you haven’t seen the update yet, be patient as it could take a bit before it reach your region.

The new start of the show van be found on version 10.0 and above





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