Even though we knew there was not going to be a Galaxy S8 during the first big trade show this year, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is set to have a Samsung presentation nevertheless.


No words yet on what to expect during the presentation, but for the teaser unveiled by the team responsible for one of the best Android Tablets available, it seems pretty possible we are going to get the third generation of the Galaxy Tab S series..

The Galaxy Tab S3 has been long rumored lately, and the image leaves nothing else to imagination.

Details  of it are not clear yet, as we don’t know if it will come with Snapdragon or Samsung’s own Exynos 700 series processor on board, or we’ll get two variants for different markets.

Different products will be unveiled as well, but names have yet to be said for us to know the new toys from Samsung.

Set to happen  on February 26 (Sun) 19:00 CET at Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Barcelona.

As usual, conference will be streamed Live over www.samsung.com/galaxy

You can find all the information about the products and availability right here after, so stay tuned for more coverage as well everything related to #MWC2017