Packed Pixels monitor.

This additional Packed Pixels screen comes in a high resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels in a screen size of  9.7’’. This extra monitor is great for comparing documents, writing emails or articles while referring to online comparisons, and general multi-tasking. You can Switch between applications quickly — Instead of using keyboard shortcuts, like ALT + TAB to multitask, you can point your mouse to the other Packed Pixels screen which save a lot of time. You can view documents side by side and compare. You can drag the mouse from monitor to monitor.

Contents Includes:
⦁ a Packed Pixels screen
⦁ a pair of mounting brackets
⦁ a desk stand
⦁ a USB to MicroUSB cable
⦁ a DisplayPort to Mini DispayPort cable
⦁ a Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable



This is an issue for many of the major manufactures of laptop is the connectivity to the Packed Pixels monitor. Packed Pixels use DisplayPort or Thunderbolt (1 or 2) ports. HDMI, VG and Thunderbolt 3 ports are not supported. Unfortunately, many of the current laptops do not have a Mini DisplayPort or a Thunderbolt connector to the laptop which would involve getting an USB3 to DisplayPort convertors adapter to fit. These can be purchased via the usual suppliers Amazon, eBay etc. but may be of varying quality. Generally, Apple have the thunderbolt connections which work easily. Some dell monitors I have seen have the DisplayPort connection on their monitor
DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort or a Thunderbolt (1 or 2) port is used to take its video feed from your laptop. Power to the monitor is supplied via the standard USB cable which works well from your laptop or external USB charger.



The monitor can be physically connected directly to your laptop via the mounting brackets supplied in Portrait or landscape mode. The view on your laptop can be adjusted from your desktop software via” customise your display options”



I would not recommend using this monitor with Linux as you cannot change the size of the resolution, only 1 size, when the screen goes into sleep mode this does not come back correctly on Linux. If using on Windows or Mac, you can change resolution as required with no issues observed when the laptop screen goes into standby/ sleeps.



Once the connections are correct, setup takes less than a minute and works comfortable and advantageous. The portable case fits all accessories as required which works well if travelling allot. Once you get used to a second monitor, its hard to go back to a single screen.

Available from £149.00
Delivery is available to Ireland (Stg£ 20) or UK £5 via DHL for a single pack

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20 years’ experience in the commercial technical industry. Interested in technology. Certified ITIL v3 Service Management, Project Management Prince 2, Six Sigma.

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