Review – Keplar #VirtualReality headset with built in headphones from Mobile Fun Ireland. 

With built in headphones this is an all in one package.

Having tried,tested and now owning some 20 VR headsets now its nice to see how things are moving forward with Virtual Reality, Not only that how the actual HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) are moving forward too.

This is our 2nd VR headset from the guys over at Mobile Fun Ireland which we would like to thank before we talk some more on this nice piece of kit….

The packaging is simple to begin with and inside the headset rests in moulded plastic to keep it in place,Also we get some quick instructions and a cloth to wipe the eyelets should they steam up and of course to keep them clean.

Cool new #VR #VirtualReality #googlecardboard headset just in. #Tech

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The headset itself is quite cool and with the first one having built in headphones I was keen to get started and listen to the quality which turned out better than expected to be honest and its a pleasurable experience overall. I do also though recommend using headphones when using VR because it adds to the experience which enhances it overall.




  • Experience the virtual world through your smartphone
  • Immerse yourself in another dimension of VR
  • Compatible with most smartphones up to 5.7″
  • Huge range of VR apps already available
  • Augmented reality compatible
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable lens
  • Efficient air flow design


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