A new app that pays you to photo illegally parked cars.. Would you like to see it here??

In the UK  a  new app allows you to snap illegally parked cars and you get a financial reward which is £10, Yes its true and if you ask me this is what you call Pokemon Go…..

The new app is the belong to CPM whom is a UK Car Park Management Company who manage carparks in the UK we have similar operations here in Ireland which like the clampers they do not have a huge fanbase for the obvious reasons.. But do you think this is a good idea and will it in fact work. Obviously the company would have to win a conviction and so on to pay the person who has uploaded the image and if many others report the same image one would presume “first come first served”

The app will naturally piss people off in general and again would make people think twice about parking illegally and with the use of social media today we already have some funny twitter and facebook handles dedicated to such acts as is.. The also can be found in Ireland too if you do a quick search..

The app is called i-ticket and is available on Android,iOS and even Windows Phone..




This free app allows you to issue parking tickets to all those vehicles which park on your land/parking space(s) without permission. You will also receive £10 commission for every paid Parking Ticket! With 3 simple steps CPM will issue a parking ticket to the vehicle owner, using DVLA data and the the postal service.

– Step 1. Create an account – Step 2. Install free DIY signs (delivered 5 days after registration) – Step 3. Login to app, take photo of vehicle, type in vehicle registration, click submit to issue parking ticket.The service is completely confidential and all Parking Charges and Signage refer to CPM only.It couldn’t be easier, download this app and start protecting your parking spaces today.




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