#BeWarned – Connect is an app which helps deaf and hard of hearing to communicate with the hearing.

This is a fantastic new app just launched which converts speech into text and vice versa.. The app will in short help people with hearing problems communicate with just about anyone..The app is called Be Warned – Connect..

The app is free and now available on both Android and iOS platforms. On trying out the app there today it does pick up what you say fairly accurately  using the speech option like you would see on the likes of google assistant for example and its pretty good.  Also there is some templates baked into the app which you would select and the device will then call out these to the person its intended for… You can also create your own personal templates too




The app converts speech into text and vice versa. For example, if you want to order something in a café, you can write your order in the app and it will utter your text immediately. When a waiter replies you, their speech will be converted into text on your screen.

The app contains a number of templates to reach someone really fast and easy. Users are also allowed to create an unlimited number of their own templates for situations they experience everyday.



-recognize the speech a hearing person uttered
-voice the text you want to say
-use templates to communicate even faster.


Via  Product Hunt




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