Over the last year the VR – Virtual Reality game has exploded and will probably continue to do so in the coming year, However another thing to watch out for is Augmented Reality. For now we shall stick to VR. We have tried and tested some 20 headsets to date or HMDs (Head Mounted Displays). We can of course opt for the cheap Google Cardboard or similar which we have covered quite a few off too if you dont want to go all out on the expense just yet but most people by now would have had some contact with either. The VR BOX is a common offering today and we see quite alot of them in retail but perhaps re-branded but thats no issue here unless we see some outlandish prices which we have done..


The VR BOX is a simple cheap effective way to begin the VR journey if you will after those flimsy cardboard units we see,saying flimsy does not mean they are weak by any means,most of what we have tried have been solid and last but only for so long they just look flimsy..



The benefit of HMDs is you are hands free not having to hold the unit to your face because for long usage your arms get tired so with this type you have a nice headband to take the weight away and sit back and enjoy the experience. The VR BOX is basic though yet offers what you need to start off. Its got great padding and good head support too with adjustable elasticated bands so there is no issue here when it comes to comfort or adjusting to suit your needs or perhaps anyone else in your group when sharing the experience.



Adjusting focus is another are here where its kept simple but moving the multipurpose toggles placed atop of the headset it takes seconds to adjust and its a simple process,unlike real cardboard units where you have no focal adjustment at all this is where a headset like this will benefit  you more..

There is also quite a bit of breathing space for the phone itself too from the sides that also act as port inputs should you need to charge the phone or if you are using wired headphones for example, This is good because at time you can get carried away then you hear that dreaded “Low Battery Warning” they have this covered on the VR BOX. I like that most though for the best experience i normally go wireless all round but again not everyone has wireless buds or cans then again they can suffer low battery warning too.. You get the idea.




The headset is a tad on the bulky side but we have to start somewhere however its not heavy which is good, I have tried some that have been heavy and with long periods of usage can become annoying but thankfully this is not the case here its very light….




Simplicity is key here and this headset offers that with nice straps and cushioning and all the other options I have mentioned but check out the video below for a review. This kind of headset is a good way to begin the VR experience before you try the really immersive stuff on more expensive offerings like gear VR which though is the best priced option available offering real immersion and after that you may fork out hundreds for the PSVR if you happen to own a PS4. Beyond that its supercomputers and expensive hardware. The choice is yours.



Head over to HERE and check them out there and see what else thy have to offer in the meantime.. Any questions fire away below or get me on social.. Thanks for reading… And thanks again to Mobile For sending this over to check out, just search VR in our search bar for the countless reviews to date on other options available.





By Jim O Brien/CEO

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