StealthVR – New VR50 Headset goes on sale at Smyths Toys #VR #VirtualReality

Stealth VR have made a few headsets and this new one is an affordable HMD for the masses. The best model though is the VR 200 which we have tried and tested and is also available at Smyths Toys and is getting good feedback via questions in here to us..

The VR50 is available in a selection of colours too which would suit those with a colour preference and it is also good to see they are not sticking to the traditional Black and White options we tend to see but on a whole many are taking the same route offering more colour choice. This design to is a more generic design and we have seen similar before but we will find out soon as we have several headsets on the way.






The VR50 is the perfect way to introduce yourself to Mobile VR. A removable tray holds your phone in place while 35mm lenses allow you to immerse fully in your chosen virtual experience. A sliding front makes the VR50 AR compatible by providing access to your phone’s camera.


  • VR & AR Compatible
  • Independent Focal and Pupil Distance adjustment
  • STEALTH VR customers get exclusive access to their online community hub and support network. Visit http://www.stealthvr.net to check it out!


Check them out a Smyths Toys  or over at Stealth VR 


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