Experience the White House in #AugmentedReality with your smartphone or tablet #1600

If you fancy checking out the White House from the comfort of your own home you can now do so with an app and a dollar bill with a new app called the 1600 on Android and iOS.. Augmented Reality is pretty cool and we are going to see some pretty cool apps coming on stream soon and we are currently working with a dev team on a new upcoming app which looks great.




Augmented Reality brings things to life on your smartphone if you have not tried and recently we reviewed a new kids book which works on the same premise you can check that out HERE 



The White House’s “1600” is a new way for kids and playful Americans of all ages to learn about what happens at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. All you need to do is tap “Start” and point your camera at George Washington (on the one dollar bill).

Built through a collaboration with the White House Historical Association and Nexus Studios, the app’s aim is to educate and inspire the youngest Americans to learn more about the White House’s role in our democracy. Our hope is that whether it is experienced on a teacher’s desk or dining room table, kids walk away from “1600” with a better sense of the institution and its purpose. Not to mention, a smile.








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