#MergeVR announces new colours for its headset and the #AR HOLO CUBE. #CES2017

Last year we got our hands on one of the best iterations of the google cardboard viewing HMD Virtual Reality headsets out there that had a funky purple colour and it certainly stood out from the rest and it today still serves us well and is popular with visitors to my home, It is certainly the most comfortable headset out there ensuring users can actually wear it for long periods of time with no issues.The main difference with this headset than what we traditionally see its not made with plastic, it’s like a spongey material if you will and if dropped your device is still safe. 

Today Merge VR have announced new colours for their headset and some of these are actually quite nice even if you did not like the purple edition which I think is pretty cool…. Check out the new available colours below… You can also see our review over HERE   



One thing for sure here is now there is a choice of colour to match anyone’s taste these colours all look great and again make the headset stand out from the rest.  Merge VR goggles have been tried and tested and kids from the age of 10+ can safely use them…

Today Merge VR also announced a new AR toy called HOLO CUBE which will work with their current headset which is what was already know about their future thoughts on Augmented Reality, A few people asked why was there a cutout on the front of the headset,Well there is your answer and since then others have followed suit in having this option thinking forward… So what is HOLO CUBE ?? Its the world’s first interactive, holographic toy that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Watch the video below for more…

Find out more and check out the headset over at MergeVR   






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