I have never been a huge fan of reading books.. Not that I cant read its just finding the time to do so but there is plenty around the house as my 8 Year Old daughter likes to read and also likes to colour and draw things which at times i find myself embroiled in.. She has books that play tunes when you open a page or the front cover which at this time of year we see more of them and then there is the pop up books we are all custom too… Technology has moved on and when My Kingdom Books got in touch with me I was intrigued to say the least at their product they wanted me to try out. A book with Augmented Reality……… I said give me that,this is something new and something that looked good on paper..Turns out this is the first of its kind and after testing it out I am impressed and I am sure you kids will be too…




So.. The package arrived.. An A4 page book sideways if you will with a nice heavy textured cover and back and the pages inside are not cheap either,nice heavy pages that will last, and I was like…Hmm how does this work.. Then there was an introductory slip telling me I need to download an app… So I started waving my phone at the pages  and nothing was happening.. Perhaps just worn out,its been busy here and we still are it dawned on me.. I first looked through the entire book to get a glimpse of the story and then said to myself “lets give this a try” I was still at this point wondering what possibly could happen here but once I open the app and filled in the information which is simple.. You just add your childs name then pick the male or female cartoon character face and then the magic begins.  Given I have used apps in the past with Augmented reality such as say City Lens” for example which is an app that when you hold your device up in the air in a street it will give you information on your screen and another app such as flight radar offers the same experience but to planes in the sky. Quite useful if thats your thing.. This however is something you will enjoy,especially if you have not dabbled with the technology before and your kids will simply love this. With my child who is surrounded with technology was not expecting what she seen and need I say no more she was hooked…



So what happens then… Well simply as I mentioned you get the app fill in the deets and then point it at the page.. This in effect brings the book to life to put it simply.. Wait till you try it but we have a demo video below to check out..So press “Start” and point at the page on the right with your camera and,you will be instructed to do so should you have issues anyway. Watch the page come to live with characters pop up on your phones screen and more..The story is read out aloud for you so you let the book tell the story via your mobile phone and watch the Augmented Reality before your eyes,it will simply use your camera to create a 3 dimensional image on your mobile phone,You will need to be in a bright space for this to have the best effect and from here on it is a repeat process page by page. The book is personalised so when you insert the child’s name its custom to your child throughout the experience. Having tried this on a few devices as it was passed around,the bigger the screen the better to get the full extent of the animation..




When you get to the end of the book you will have a challenge to colour in the last page, This then finishes off with the option to colour in the last page and with a subsequent app you can see some more… Check out the video below and the links you need are required….Once again we would like to thanks the guys for sending this over for us to check it… We can safely say its highly recommended….

See mykingdomsbooks.com for more.

Download the My Kingdoms Books app on Android  HERE and iOS HERE 

Download Live Colour HERE  




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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