Another week another VR headset to check out.. This time around its the Spaceout VR viewer from which we thank for sending over. We will also check out their app which is somewhat different to the regular VR apps..

The headset itself is actually one of the most comfortable ones I have used in recent time,its lightweight and even that bit smaller too which is excellent.The build quality too is also good its robust and to set up its simple with easy controls to set focus and so on…

The packaging it comes in is quite nice,boxed with information on the outside and safety notices right off the bat which is good to see also giving some information on what you can enjoy what devices are compatible which most common devices would be that can be used for VR or google cardboard purposes… In short presentation is good.




After opening the box we will find nicely secured is the headset itself alongside the head-strap,lens cloth,instructions and a glare shield,this is something I have not seen before but its there…. There is a small compartment at end of box for the smaller items..



Setting up the headset is simple and nobody will have any difficulty in doing so,once you download the app you are good to go,You dont need to use their own app specifically for this headset it will work on any device thats compatible to view cardboard apps. Links for both apps down below..

The headset comes with a nice head-strap which is also comfortable this is then attached on top and on the sides like most headsets are today there is nothing difficult here at all.. This literally takes one minute or less to get it set to your own needs…


Take a look at our Unboxing here of the VR headset for the rest.



Ok so after that you will need to install the app if not done so already….. Links down below…

1) download the Spaceout.VR App    iOS     Android 
2) Disable portrait orientation lock.
3) Wifi & headphones recommended.
4) Rotate your phone into landscape mode.
5) Place your phone into a VR viewer.
6) You will see a “WELCOME” – follow tutorial.
7) Explore the World.
8) Enter “Rhythm.VR”.
9) Navigate the UI to select music (local, soundcloud or microphone).
10) Glance over to the left try HEADBANGERZ.
11) Always navigate back to the UI by looking down and finding the home or the 3 dots.
The fun can now begin.. On using this app for a few days this changes how we look at music though this being a visual treat somewhat reminding me of a kaleidoscope or some visual graphic equaliser we can often find on a smartphone it allows you to sink in,somehow it draws you in if I may say so… The app allowed access all of my files on my device which was good and not restricted you will find yourself checking out more tracks than you think on using the app at first. Yes you can change the patterns displayed as you go on.. Its a bit trippy…
Music File Types supported: + AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HE-AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV
On loading the app up you will be greeted with a display of options to choose from. VRADS TRY ME,SPACEOUT VR,RHYTHM VR,POWWOW VR (Coming soon) VISION VR Information and there is points of interest mapped out around the world which you simply just hold the headset on to find out more just like any other headset does.There is lots to see and do in this app which is great and will appeal to many, particular the music lover. The UI is clean and simple and looks great to boot and hows its presented…
You can also play games on the headset which is where one thing had me flummoxed for a moment which was the key on the left handside of the headset which turns out to be a shooter trigger for playing games like Duckhunt or Sniper which is what we tried and it seems to work well as Dennis from Spaceout tells me At Spaceout.VR we don’t believe in buttons or controllers just gaze navigation for our App!
Which of course turns out to be true…
Overall thoughts on the app and headset..
The app is a great idea and different than the norm not something you would expect to be honest but once settled in you will enjoy it.. You might need to adjust to it if you are new to VR you could get a tad dizzy but for VR fans out there you will be just fine there should not be any issues.. The headset itself is excellent, I have tried quite a few over the last few months and this is really really comfortable and light and can be worn for long periods of time without discomfort which is a great thing to have as the game is constantly been raised by manufacturers out there and again with price it is a fair price to pay for such comfort and good quality….
You can check out the pricing over HERE 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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  1. Their website alone gave me a headache and made me feel nauseous and dizzy! Luckily, I have no disabilities such as Epilepsy, Vertigo, etc. – people who are prone to disequilibrium, please steer clear from use of this product!

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