So here we are once more with the latest news about tech during the IFA 2016, and as we were expecting Samsung was one of the first manufacturers to offer some new goodies to consumers.

Enter the new Gear S3 smartwatch


The GS3 will be available in two variants, one for the outdoor adventurous called Frontier

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and another for the more conservatives called Classic

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This time, Samsung went all in by using their own OS to power this devices. Tizen is a truly unique platform that seems to work better with wearable tech that anything else.

Both of them look and feel more like a normal watch than previous generations, probably due the bigger display and thicker structure. Also being waterproof with IP68 gives a sense of tranquility when using them outdoor or under heavy rain.

Onto the screens, both are covered by Gorilla Glass SR+, which was specifically designed for better clarity and improved scratch resistance. Also, there’s a new “Always on display” that will show the full color watchface.

Maybe it doesn’t look as a big upgrade just from the outside, but take a look at internals and is a whole different history



As you can see, packs anything you could ask for, even a GPS to work on its own when no phone is around, also this devices will have a LTE option as well.

We suspect the bigger battery was added to accommodate the new AOD feature but Samsung has add a few extra battery saver modes to improve it, one of which will turn your fancy new smartwatch in a “dumbwatch” that will only show you the time.

Although you can activated whenever you want, it will automatically active itself when the battery drops till 5%.

Sales are expected to star in October, mostly for the BT only variant with the LTE version coming shortly after.

The Frontier will come with 2 silicone bands (one large, one small) while the Classic will come with a leather band (as you could imagine).

Cost will be around €399..Ouch…

What are your thougths on these? Will you upgrade your smartwatch game if you already have the GS2? Or will you jump on it?

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