We have gone through some amount of cases now for the Samsung S7 range and here is one more to look at from x-doria called the defense 360 case which comes in two pieces which does look nice on your expensive 7 Edge….

The back of the case has a frosted look to it whist giving it protection it just about covers you from all angles. The back of the case sites level with the camera hump which will give you some form of protection but the fact the hump is level with the case it is still prone to getting scratched depending on the surface,this is something to keep in mind.

All corners and edges are covered on the device which is nice giving way to easy access to the ports and keys,with the transparent front on the case you can see the natural colour of the device but this is a bit of a fingerprint magnet just like the phone itself….

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Having tested the case for a few hours I did find at times having to tap icons more than once to work, I did find the top layer on the thick side which I would blame, Even standalone screen protectors for this device in particular can be are hard to come by,good ones that is due to the both sides of the device being curved..  That given you are protected but how much on a drop and hard impact is anyone’s guess, The front is a fingerprint magnet and the back is not,the back has a nice look and feel to it but overall it looks nice and offers a seamless fit surrounding the entire device and feels fine in the hand albeit a tad on the slippy side something the phone is already noted for..

To be fair the case is really to protect your device from getting scratched and yes this is what it will do but as far as for a drop I would not be sure what way the unfortunate mishap would turn out…

Check out xdoria for their full range .


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