If you haven’t heard of a VPN yet, it stands for Virtual Private Network. These extremely handy tools have been rising in popularity during recent years due to their many benefits. Once resigned to the world of internal corporation networks, these easy-to-use apps are now used by the general public all over the world. You may of heard players in the market like Surfshark but here is some others to check out.

Many are being turned on to the concept in Ireland, with the Irish Times putting out a whole article around VPN’s in 2015. Here are some of the benefits of using one:

The Benefits of Using a VPN
A VPN is extremely helpful to those concerned about security. It encrypts your data and allows you to use any WiFi network without worrying about hackers being able to intercept your details. Due to this, they also help you avoid malware and spam being sent your way in the future.

Perhaps the most common usage for a VPN is to bypass geo-blocking restrictions. Since all devices are subject to blocks via their IP address, these virtual networks allow you to hide your location in order to access restricted content. This is extremely useful for regional sites such as Netflix whose listings are dependent on country. It’s also great for sports fans, as you can access and watch games that aren’t usually accessible in Ireland.

So, now you’ve got a basic rundown of the software, here are some recommendations:


1. Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN is quickly becoming the best service on the market. It was just rated Secure Thoughts’ Best VPN of 2016. Offering a watertight service which provides a constant connection and never drops out, you can browse freely and securely without having to worry about running into glitches.




Another fantastic benefit of using this provider is that they offer a 30-day guarantee and a comprehensive customer support system. They will work hard to resolve any problems you have and will give you a refund without hesitation if it fails to meet your standards.

What makes this VPN better than any of the others on offer at the moment? It’s compatible with almost every device and operating system you can think of. It also has a great feature that kills all your apps and web pages if the connection does drop out. This ensures none of you details are put at risk.
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  1. ExpressVPN


Another option is ExpressVPN. You get a high quality service at a competitive price (when you take value into account). This option also boasts unlimited bandwidth and two connections on one account. This means you can easily stream, download and browse without running into problems. It also provides great customer service and an easy-to-use interface, making it a great choice for beginners.


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The only real drawback is that Express VPN doesn’t come with the additional security features that Buffered offers. That’s the main difference between the two. This means that if you’re solely using your VPN to bypass geo-blocking, this one is probably the best option for you.

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  1. CyberGhost


If you don’t want to pay for a Virtual Private Network, there are plenty of free options available. That being said, these services have a significant amount of drawbacks. They often provide a questionable service and offer no customer support if things go wrong.


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If you’re not planning on regular use, however, using a free one is still a great way to cut costs. Cyberghost is by far the best free VPN on the market. It ensures the same bandwidth as its paid competitors, although the speed might be somewhat affected. It also has a user-friendly interface. This product also has the added benefit of not logging your activity, which gives you an extra layer of privacy for users wanting to browse anonymously.  


Consider This


If none of these VPNs seem right for you and you’re planning to do you own research, there are a few key elements to consider. First of all, the way a VPN works is to replace your IP address with that of the VPN server. Because of this, it’s important to ensure the service you choose will provide you with the IP address that you want. Check to see what countries a company has servers in.


Similarly, you need to establish your main reasons for use. If security is your priority, opting for a server with good reliability is essential. If you’re mainly going to be using it to stream Netflix, however, then bandwidth should be the main feature you look at. If you’re concerned about snooping, then I highly recommend ringing up some customer service departments and establishing how they handle user data.

A VPN is an undeniably handy piece of software. There are countless options available. If you’ve had experiences with any of products mentioned or have your own suggestions to add, please leave a comment below to tell us what you think.
About the Author: Isa is an entertainment and technology blogger for Culture Coverage. She loves that technology has transformed the way we enjoy media. She also looks forward to the latest gadget and product releases.



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