Take a 360° Cockpit tour of the Emirates Airbus A380 #GoogleCardboard. #Emirates #VR

Aside tech I have a great interest in Weather and Aircraft.Yet I have to experience the insides of an Airbus 380 which I will do in the near future..

If you are an Aircraft enthusiast this is something you should check out and using Google cardboard its even better,the video is not too long either but gives you a detailed look around the cockpit of an Airbus 380..

It simple to set up on any compatible VR headset or cardboard offering,You simple start the video then hit the cardboard icon on screen and away you go.

Watch our pilots give an immersive 360-view tour of the flight deck controls of an Emirates A380, the world’s largest commercial aircraft. To enjoy the 360-video experience, move your mobile device or navigate by touching the screen. If you are using a desktop, click and drag the video to view from any angle.


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