There is quite a few apps now that delve into the medical world which is pretty cool and long may they last and more arrive on the scene but with technology moving forward at the pace it is we are now in the VR space and no better time to start introducing VR apps for those to enjoy and see things in a better perspective and better again immersive,Even for those who have no knowledge in the area can see how things work and so on and this has been popular already with standard apps on our mobiles. VEDAVI  medical is about to enter the VR space with  VR software allows medical students to learn anatomy in a more efficient and interesting way – in virtual reality.



Kateryna Ukrainets tells us about Vedavi

Are you studying medicine, and you feel lost among all those anatomy structures? Are you fond of learning human anatomy, but you find it impossible to memorize all those “tongue-breaking” Latin terms? Then our VR Human Anatomy is the perfect solution for you!

Our software was created for Oculus Rift VR, and it allows you to learn human anatomy in virtual reality. With VR Human Anatomy you can forget about those thick and dull anatomy books. You can easily look at the anatomical structures as you would in the real world! You just grab it with controllers and inspect it from whichever angle you want. Moreover, each structure is labeled so that you can memorize the names of anatomical structures quickly. At the end of the learning session, you can check your knowledge with the help of a quiz.




This exciting learning tool will overcome the stereotype of the complexity of the human anatomy learning. We have spent months to make VR Human Anatomy a precise software and to consider every small detail!

Since our software is created exclusively for the Oculus Rift, we will launch immediately when the Oculus Touch will be available – preliminarily in H2 2016. Nevertheless, the first version of the VR Human Anatomy is ready, and medical students from the University of Zurich have already tested it. Their impression is more than positive.


Our software will be affordable and accessible to as many medical universities of the world as possible. And of course, it will be available for anyone who is interested in learning anatomy!


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