Nydeum Sense is a new product thats just hit Kickstarter which is a One-Handed Keyboard & Air Mouse and we have been talking to Daniel Brownwood about the product and how it came to be today..
Problem #1: We feel that traditional peripherals like the mouse and keyboard are not up to par with current technology. Today we expect comfort and convenience and these words just don’t apply to keyboards and mice. They require you to stay seated in one place and are big, bulky and occupy too many of our senses in order to function, two hands and our eyes. PC users may have made peace with this, but smart TVs for example still don’t have any real input solutions. Keyboards are out-of-place in the living room and remote controls are a real hassle to write with.
Solution #1: Our first product, Nydeum Sense, offers a solution to this problem by combining an air mouse and a new type of keyboard. It’s wireless and one-handed and is perfect for living room use. It offers the usual functions of any mouse or keyboard, and on top of that it’s customizable: any gesture or movement on the device or in the air can be programmed to do whatever you want it to – e.g. make a circle with the device and open Netflix.
Problem #2: Touch screens are the primary surface we interact with now, so the obvious thing to do was include the QWERTY keyboard as part of the screen. The issue with this is that it takes up half the screen and has a huge error rate because of the small buttons. This is bad enough in smartphones, but will simply not work in smartwatches.
Solution #2: As a solution, we created a new digital alphabet, which is really just a simplified version of the Latin alphabet that can be written with quick movements in one place –  on the Nydeum Sense device you can write by guiding your finger along the fixed track. In a smartphone or smartwatch, this would be done on a much smaller surface we have already developed with micromechanics.
Nydeum Sense can be used to write at about 3 characters/second – average typing speed on a traditional keyboard is 3.8 characters / second with a 4-6% error rate. We are not trying to replace traditional keyboards and do not claim Sense is faster, but we do believe it is a much more comfortable alternative, especially useful with smart TVs. It could also easily be used along with VR technology as a controller/input system.
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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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