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Another scam to watch for,This time it is @TescoIrl #Scam #Tesco

It is a week of scams not particularly new but with two big companies people can fall for them,earlier this week it was Argos,this time round it is Tesco.. A email just arrived in our inbox and here are all the details you need to know and watch out for…


The email came from this dude here (>) obviously with Tesco in the header too which entices people to just take a peek at the mail..

At the end of the email what also is posted is the following..

Dont want messages? Press Here or send a self-addressed letter to:

19910-Raygun Delivery
PO Box 1171
Sydney 2001, AU



As per usual just delete,dont open ANY links or be tempted to reply either.Be safe folks.

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