You’re prepared for all sorts of things in your office, from the mundane (do we have enough supplies) to the worrisome (how well is data backed up). But what about disasters of the natural kind—such as hurricanes? If you live in a hurricane-prone area, it’s essential that you think about what you can do to make your office hurricane-ready.
First, understand that not all hurricanes are the same. The wind speed and the storm surge potential determine the category of the hurricane, which can range from 1 to 5. An a Watch differs from a Warning—the former indicates potential, the latter indicates likelihood.
Next, before a hurricane is even a possibility, you must create a series of helpful steps that employees and you can take. Those include an evacuation plan as well as designated responsible employees and a contact system. Your hurricane plan should be written and communicated, and indicate tasks for each person as well as how data will be protected. You should always have a hurricane disaster kit on hand with essential you may need, as well as supplies that can help protect your physical space.
Both before and after a hurricane hits, there are additional steps to follow to ensure that both people and property stay as safe and unharmed as possible—follow the direction of federal and local authorities, for example, and documenting damage. Especially if a hurricane hits while people are at work, you must try to do whatever you can to help ensure their protection. All the steps you take beforehand are a good start, but following proper hurricane-related protocol is a must, too.
This graphic offers helpful, easy-to-understand steps to take to get ready for a hurricane and deal with its aftermath.


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