Cyril Plassard and Stéphane Escandell are two independent French developers who have published an application for tracking Euro 2016 on Windows and Android.
It provides all the essential information of the competition, receiving the evolution of real-time scores and track social feeds of teams through exclusive social walls.
Initially created to overcome the lack of official app to the Windows Store,they decided to make it available on the Play Store to offer an alternative to commercial apps and full of advertising. Their target are fans, only.
Technically it is developed using Xamarin framework and based on a MS Azure back-end .
As of now they have no business model as they do this for fun outside of their professional lives.
However, they propose a original method of remuneration, based on the gift. Users can offer us a virtual glass via an in app purchases on Android, The Windows Phone app also is unofficial, non-commercial, independent, 100% free and without any advertising.
For the moment, the app is only available on Android & Windows Phone but a Windows 10 version is coming. App features include Push notifications, live games, teams, results, calendar, statistics … find all the useful information to follow the competition. Download from the respective stores below.
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Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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