During the weekend we received some awesome news from the people of Samsung, as now they’re rolling out the Android 6.0 update to their Galaxy A series phone.

More precisely, the A9


The Samsung Galaxy A9 is a China only device (at least the official way) so, the reason why this comes in handy for people like us in the other side of the world, is simply because this is the first A series model to be updated to Marshmallow.

Which means that the A5 and A7 are probably next in line to get the update.

This update in made to give the A9 all the features a Samsung flagship has, but Always on Display, (this can be achieved by an app on the Play Store).

The 6.0 update brings everything to the table, from DOZE to Now on Tap and promises a bump in performance with the devices as seen in other models.




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