A reader sent this app in today and its a new app that uses social media and algorithms to decide if your relationship will last,Like any other dating app you will need to throw in some information answer a 100 questions and let the app do the rest for you. Personally I think this is a pile of rubbish and the same time it could be good and letting an app decide my future is a long way off yet from reality and again the person putting in the right information is another reason why this wont work 100,We have seen many instances before on other dating apps where things can go really wrong..Perhaps though I could be wrong but let time tell and see shall we…But then ask yourself do you need an app to decide if your relationship will last?

Watch the video below first of all..

About the app

StayGo™ is the only app that uses science and social networking to help you find out faster if you’re wasting time with the wrong person.

Created by a team of leading relationship science professors, StayGo tells you everything you need to know about your relationships, whether you’ve just met your match or you’ve been together for years.

Here’s how it works:
• Get your SG Score: Tell StayGo all about your current partner(s) and get a scientifically accurate score with grades in twenty different categories so you can predict your chances of a happy future.
• Use your SG Tracker: This one-of-a-kind feature tracks the ups and downs of your relationships like a Fitbit for your love life!
• Ask your SG Peeps: Invite your friends and family to anonymously reveal what they really think of your relationship. Now you can finally know the truth.





By Jim O Brien/CEO

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