Hay Fever is quite frankly a pain in the ass,those who suffer from it will tell you the same,I used to suffer from it years ago and it was not a pleasant experience either. Thankfully it seems to have went away and now I do not suffer and have not done so for a few years.. Treatment does vary for this pest from nasal sprays to home made remedies,but the best treatment I guess is prevention and prevention is better than cure..In my time I used a spray called beconase and it was horrible to even take it by spraying up the nose. With this new app you will be able to enter your symptoms and get a treatment instantly. Not only that you can explore your nose and more.. Sadly the app is only on iPhone for now and it would be nice to see it on all platforms but we have to start somewhere I guess.

How can this new app help?

  • 20 Million people in Ireland and the UK suffer from hay fever.
  • Using the App, sufferers can determine the severity of their hay fever and get immediate and specific treatment advice.
  • Instant Pollen Count information wherever you live or plan to travel.
  • This summer take control of hay fever and enjoy – not endure – those sunny days.

The information in this App is based on Dr. Paul Carson’s 30+ years of dealing with hay fever and allergy patients. He has published many popular self-help books on allergies and hay fever.

App features

Explore nose, sinuses, ears and eyes to find out what happens during a pollen allergy attack.

Check pollen counts for your country in the information section. You’ll also discover self-help tips, alternative medicines and guides to the treatments. You’ll soon understand why some treatments work and other (good) treatments don’t work.


See HayFeverRelief.Com for more




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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