Not so long ago we brought to you our unboxing and impressions on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE

But if there’s something we have to accredit Samsung for is all the offers to giveaway when a new device launches, this time around things were a little different, as aside from internals and beautiful screens, Samsung decided to make an emphasis on their new Game Launcher by offering a bunch of “freemium” games to enjoy.


The Game Launcher is a neat feature that pretty much everyone is going to enjoy, no matter if you spend tons of hours playing or just a couple of minutes. For disabling notifications to record yourself while playing for YouTube, is a “must have” for sure.


This Game Pack Samsung is giving away with the new Galaxy range really is a sweet deal, even better they are easy to find.

You’ll need to check the Galaxy App Store and that’s all!

In there you’ll find the whole list of titles available with bonuses to download to your new flagship.

They extras you’ll get may vary from one app to another, example :

Badland (a personal recommendation as the game is beautiful and challenging) will just save you the multi-player mode, usually you need to pay or play lots of hours to have it, but in Gods of Rome the only thing you’ll get is a bag of gems to invest on what you think is best.


The pack contains 16 titles to choose from, all of each with their own extras.

But fear not! You won’t need to install each app or go through the whole app store finding them and reading why they offer.

If you want to have the entire list just go HERE

Have you had the chance to try the game launcher? Will you be getting one of these games?

Let us know in the comment section below, stay tuned


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