It is good to see apps like these appear and with the digital age now helping in health more and more it also flourishes for kids with Down Syndrome with more apps becoming available to assist in the well-being of children this new start up called Enabling Play who was co-founded by brother and sister Will Jessop and Cara Jessop,the new app is called Millie Moreorless and is available for iPhone and iPad.

Nominet trust reports..

The game is based on pioneering scientific research in the field of Magnitude, our instinctive ability to identify whether one quantity is ‘more or less’ than another – without counting. This ability is believed by some scientists to be the foundation of all subsequent maths learning. However, research has revealed that children with Down Syndrome often experience significant developmental delays in this area. By helping players improve their magnitude sense, its creators believe their game will lay a foundation for children to learn the maths skills they will need to be independent in adult life.

Cara Jessop and Will Jessop, the co-founders of Enabling Play, say “Designing Millie Moreorless has been an incredibly rewarding experience. We believe that by allowing ourselves to be led by the young people themselves, we have created a game that is fun, engaging and inclusive. It is so important to bring players of all abilities into the mainstream. If we can help children with Down Syndrome get better at maths and lay the foundation for greater independence in adult life, then we will all benefit as a society.”


– A fun environment for practising more and less
– A clear learning curve
– Easy to monitor a player’s progress
– Based on scientific research
– Designed and tested with children with Down’s Syndrome

– 5 worlds to explore
– Lots of rewards to collect along the way
– Free-play area inside Millie’s backpack
– Beautiful artwork by Nick Stoney
– Original soundtrack by Sam Swallow of the Hoosiers

Child –friendly design

– No third-party advertising
– No in-app purchases
– No social media integration



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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  1. Thanks for your forum. I found it really helpful . As a mom, I’m constantly on the lookout for educational tools that help my 8 year old learn math better, as she struggles most with that subject. She takes well to the iPad though, as with most kids! 🙂 A friend recently introduced me to Zap Zap Math, do give it a go… I’d highly recommend you to test and review it yourself, as it’s helped my daughter a lot. Some features I’d like to point out include:

    – The app’s got really engaging graphics, characters and game play, so she doesn’t realize how much she really learns while engaged in ‘play’
    – The math practice worksheets are rich with a universe of educational content, and the app has new exciting math games being added to it every 2 weeks!
    – It’s aligned with Common Core standards and learning modules. My girl gets her foundation right before progressing to higher levels, and she’s addicted to getting higher scores
    – I’ve just signed up for the Virtual Assistant Dashboard at, where I can easily keep track of her progress, from any place, anytime—parallel to her learning, while she independently learns.

    Zap Zap Math can be downloaded across all devices here: Hope you and your readers find it useful, as I have for my child.

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