There seems to be plenty of new arrivals to the charging market and all are unique in their own respect and of course welcome,battery anxiety is still a problem and will be for some time as mentioned in similar articles,a few people at CES have been in touch with us and want us to share what they have to offer,so we will give a few samples over the coming days of what we find worthy….

Fully charge the compact Cindr pack in 3 minutes and get enough juice to fully recharge most cell phones + lifespan of 5,000 cycles sounds good???

The Cindr battery pack is a rechargeable cell phone battery pack you charge from an AC wall outlet. It works like most conventional cell phone battery packs except it charges VERY FAST.

Cindr differs from fast charge battery packs that use very large batteries in order to achieve fast charge capability. The magic is in the cell technology of the battery itself. A special titanium based chemistry that was developed for super-fast charging and discharging applications. The electrode in the Cindr battery is based on titanium oxide, a type of ceramic, engineered to handle fast charging that would damage and pose extreme danger if applied normal lithium batteries.

See how it works..


From a single 3 minute charge, Cindr can charge most iPhone products to 100%, and can bring most other smartphones to a relatively high state of charge. Cindr is fast, portable, and will last forever, but the cost for these features is capacity. We have made Cindr to a size we feel is an optimal balance of size, weight, cost, with features to meet the needs of many customers. The following chart shows how much Cindr can charge some of the most popular smartphones on the market today.




In around 5 minutes Cindr is fully charged for even more available energy.   If your smartphone or other device is not listed, and you are interested in knowing how much charge Cindr can render, you can use the iPhone 6 as a standard unit of measurement.  With just a little math, you can compare the capacity of your device with that of the iPhone 6, which is 1810mAh, and multiply the ratio as: (your phone mAh/1810mAh)*103% = % charge for your device.

Think its a good idea or something you would require?  Head over and support the team at Kickstarter. 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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  1. I very much enjoyed reading this article, especially the Cindr Videos that are posted!, My friends also found a “green energy” method for battery reconditioning and it works pretty well, here’s the link

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