Apparently the more we want to avoid it the more common they get but let’s face it, even when not all of us are fan of these sometimes they come in handy like when you’re with a large group of friends or simply want to showcase the place where you and your wife are spending the honeymoon.

Well the solution could be here already, meet StikBox the 2-in-1 case and Selfie Stick.


This beautiful design case has a secret but useful purpose, the patron that can be seen on the back is in fact allows you to have a full length selfie stick with you all the time.

How do this works? Simple! Just pull the rails, rotate the phone, adjust the camera and that’s it!


The Full aluminum rail will hold the phone secure while you take your photo.

This whole idea is brilliant but needs your help to become a reality, right now the project can be found on a Kickstarter campaign that still has a month to go and already has backed almost half of what they need.

There are several options to choose from with all of them offering the StikBox in different combinations, of color and quantity.

The case is just 0.6 inches deep and the case fully contains the 28.3-inch stick that also acts as kickstand for viewing content on the when your hands are full.

So as you can see is a pretty great idea, which can be seen during CES 2016 as the guys are going to be there showcasing their product.

But why don’t you take a look:

So quoting the CEO of the company Yekutiel Sherman “why carry two things, when you can carry one?”

The case was made with Iphone in mind but due to a high demand of their product they are going to make it also available for the Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge too.

If you want to have one for yourself just go HERE











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