This year was great for gadgets that boost up our productivity on he go, like the IPad Pro, the stunning Surface Book and last but not least the Surface Pro 4 which was unveiled earlier this year and you can see our full coverage here.

But back then it wasn’t available everywhere to buy but today we received the news that is going to be officially available in India as soon as next week on January 7th


As you can see after all the wait is finally going to happen for our Indian readers the very next week.

There’s no word about full prices and available along the country but as a far as we know the “lower 128GB an Intel Core m3 with 4GB RAM model” could go for Rs. 67,999 and the powerhouse variant with 256GB an Intel Core i7 and 16GB of RAM could go for somewhere around Rs. 1,32,99 which means the other variants are going to be in between these prices.

The Surface Pro line is a well known productivity tool and made ir widely available is great, paired with Windows 10 this thing is a beast.


From consuming media to full work presentations the Surface Pro 4 packs everything you could need in a beautiful portable size.

We’ll bring more info once the day comes, but till then, let us know! Will you pick one for yourself? Sound below in the comments or Tweet us using #techbuzzireland




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