If you’re one of those smartwatch fans now you’ll have the latest iteration of the Pebble Time, We already told you about this beauty before HERE

The Time Round was announced now is going to be Fully available since this November 8th in the US

Pebble-Time-Round-5To recap a little

The Time Round is said to be the world’s lightest and thinnest smartwatch, with 7.5 mm thin and just 28 grams of weight is hard to argue.

The new Pebble will carry a rounded screen, an always on “E-paper” display with LED back light and battery life up to 2 days with quick charging.

The device feature a Splash resistant body which means it can handle some rain but that’s all, activity tracker, access to Pebble app store and more.

With this model you will be able to choose from a wide range of band sizes from 20mm to 14mm that fits you best. Also in a variety of colors: Black, Silver, or a special-edition “Rose Gold” exclusively for the 14mm band size.

You can really make it your own with watchfaces and a selection of quick-change bands in genuine leather or stainless steel.

The watch is simple beautiful, but don’t take my word, take a look yourself:

The Time Round will be available Best Buy and Target stores in the US (If you’re there you can see it personally) an online at Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, Target.com and Pebble.com.

The new kid on the block is compatible with Android devices running 4.3 or later and iPhone running iOS 8 or later.

With a price tag of $249.99 you can Pre-order yours if you want HERE

Are you a “Pebbler”? Let us know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Latest Pebble Time Round to be Fully available on November 8th By @VicenteA_George #Smartwatch #Pebble”
  1. You certainly can’t argue with the design of Pebble’s latest offering, obviously the ability to make it so thin hugely impacts on battery life. The fact that it’s only “splash proof” is also a issue, with my current pebble, I get almost 5 days battery and I’ve swam in many swimming pools and beaches without taking off my watch.

    Currently the pebble time is on offer and I think I’ll be upgrading to that one over this.

    1. This offer is aimed to those “fashionistas” that love the looks of the classic watches… Is still a worthy upgrade but as everything, Depends on what you are looking at

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