Today One Plus was to release the much awaited OxygenOS to its user,but sadly this has not happened despite them saying several employees are using it as we speak,citing they await certification is the response they have given but its not pleasing fans and its not good new either but in the long run i guess its better to do things right and just wait.

In a post made on the forums today staff member Helen broke the news..


Hi, this is Helen, Head of Mobile Product at OnePlus. My team and I have been working on OxygenOS for the past several months. It was our sincere hope to release the result of our hard work to all of you today. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet this date and we are as disappointed as you are. On behalf of myself and my team, I would like to apologize for this wait.

The ROM is fully functional and we have quite a few people in the office running it on their own devices without any issues. The delay is caused by extra quality control. We want to make sure that OxygenOS passes Google certification, that all future updates can be OTA’ed properly, and that users from all over the world are able to use OxygenOS in the language of their choice.



We know you’ve been waiting for a long time, and we owe you answers. So, until OxygenOS is officially released, we will share our progress with you. Every day, no matter how big or small the news is, this post will be updated with information in order to give you more visibility into the process. As for a release date, we will release as soon as we feel that it’s good enough for you and it will be very soon.

Most of you are probably also wondering when CM12 will be available. While we don’t have a lot of influence over CM’s release schedule nor development progress, we’ve been providing resources and scheduling test cycles to help with this last stretch. Together, we’re working to deliver CM12 to you as soon as possible.

Stay tuned over HERE or watch for further announcements..

How do you feel with this announcement ?



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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