I’m pretty sure that at least once you have sent an angry or embarrasing message during a night out to you ex girlfriend or the girl you like and the next morning you wish haven’t done that.

We all have wish of have an app that doesn’t let us send messages when we’re drunk, well although is not the same, now we can “unsent” those msg thanks to RakEM a new messaging app for Android and IOS.

2015-03-26-16.11.55-e1427388567480This app have the essential self-mutating encryption algorithms, the basics device-to-device communication, picture sharing, voice calls, video calls, voice messages, and video messages.But also a little like the last update to the BBM you can now erase a massage un both devices.

But RakEM has and advantage and this lies in one simple thing. In order to do that on the BBM you need to activate that function (a thing we’re not able to do in such state), while in the RakEM app you just erase the message and done!

In here you can see a funny video showing how the app works.

You can donwload the app here: Android, IOS

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